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Asia TYA Festival 2018

Venue : National Olympics Memorial Youth Center

February 19(Mon)~25(Sun) 2018


Organized by TYA Japan for Tokyo / Japan Union of Theatrical Companies for Children and Young People and Local Executive Committees for local festivals Co-organized by ASSITEJ Japan Center, National Council of Theatr for Children and Young Audiences, Japan Puppet Theater Conference General Incorporated Association, Japan Children’s Theatre Association,Inc, NPO Japan Music and Entertainments for Youth Association

Heisei 29 Agency for Cultural Affairs Cultural Exchange and International Contributions Project

For the Unknown Future

From Asia to the World

From Asia to the Unknown World

From Asia to the Children who lives in the Future

The era that the center of theater for children and young audiences is in Europe is gradually shifting. Now we have more opportunities to encounter the excellent works from Asian countries, or in Africa, or in South America, which we hadn’t been able to imagine before. So this is the festival that takes the change in a little bit advance, for which we have invited the choicest works from Asian countries and gathered Japanese works to welcome them. There will be 187 performances in total at the festival.

We aim to succeed this festival to make a new step toward the ASSITEJ World Congress in Tokyo, 2020. Then, we may be able to say, “Now the center of theater for children and young audiences is Asia by any chance.”


Asaya Fujita

Artistic Director of Asia TYA Festival Japan 2018

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