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This Japanese story was written by German writer in Japanese. The cast of story was Japanese syllabary living in syllabary village. They keep working while people use words. Oneday, Small ”Tsu”, soundless word, ran away from home due to friends’ mocking. Human world has become strange since ”Tsu” ‘s disappearance. Friends noticed the importance of his existance. Where has he gone away?

Written: Stefano von Lo¨e(Publish by Sanshushakan)

Script・Direct: Nono Maeshima

Music: Sousaku Ootake

Set Designer: Misaki Nerai

Puppet Designer/Production Manager:
Keiko Kashima/Domon Takakura(Kigutsuno-ki)

Choreographer: Hirotsugu Saegusa

Performance Information

Date: February20(Tue)  Time: 19:00

Place: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center – Small Hall

Duration: 120分 Age: 5+

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