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Ojama Cat, Nya-go, had a pretty egg. and a stork gave a life to the egg. Nya-go raised the Egg very carefully. Summer, Fall, Winter.. and the season has come around. And as spring comes, what would happen to the egg? Two performers play various instruments and sing. Small Drama=Concert with a story.

Original・Composed・Directed: Minako Yoshida

Script・Lyric:Aine Hikida/Riyurika Sakai(GikyokuHonpo)

Lyric・Music:Shinobu Kaneko

Cast:Yoshida Minako/Shinobu Kaneko

Performance Information

Date: February 22 (Thu)   Time: 13:00 / 19:00

Place: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center – Small Practice Room 33

Duration: 50min   Age: All

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