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Before the invention of telephones and telegraph machines, humans used pigeons for exchanging messages. These carrier pigeons efficiently delivered messages from one house to another, from one city to another, across countries and especially in times of war – never resting till they found their way back home. Famed for this peculiar homing instinct, they were used even up to the time of the Second World War. This play tells the story of one such war pigeon – Milu. From the time of his birth, throughout his training, during the moments spent with his friends and his mate, Milu has a singular over-riding mission hanging over his head – to successfully deliver the message. This is the story of his journey. And the story of our world as seen through Milu’s eyes. A view that is sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic and sometimes plain ridiculous; of a world that Milu doesn’t completely understand, but has no choice but to be a part of. And as for us………. The least we can do is take a Bird’s Eye View.

Country: India

Performance Information

Date: February 17 (Sat)    Time: 14:00
Place: Toyooka Shimin Plaza

Date: February 24 (Sat)    Time: 19:00
Place: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center – Small Practice Room 11

Date: February 25 (Sun)    Time: 14:00
Place: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center – Small Practice Room 11

Duration: 60min    Age: 8+

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