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As a branch of the traditional music in Korea, ‘A Bird Story’ has been known for its instrumental music played along with a short witty tale, which was about the bird in the late Joseon Dynasty. Unfortunately, the tale has been disappeared in the present times and only remaining part is the music preserved as the old version. Therefore, The Play BST tried to find a new story in place of the lost ones that does not exist in recent days.

The Play BST’s ‘A bird Story’ is a handicraft theatre, in which the actors make various objects and cute puppets using their hands and bodies. It includes two stories, one about a cuckoo and another shovelbill, synchronized with the beautiful music of a gayageum, which is a kind of Korean harp, and a haegeum, a Korean fiddle.

Country : Korea

Art Director: Play BST

Compose:r Hur, Sira & Yun Hejin

Duration: 55min    Age: 3+

Date: February 16 (Fri)


Place: Kobe Nada Kumin Hall

Date: February 18 (Mon)

Time: 11:15 / 14:15

Place: Nagoya Artpia Hall

Date: February 21 (Wed)

Time: 19:00

Place: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center – Rehearsal Room

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