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This is one of the most famous stories from Georgian folklore. This wonderful story has very deep roots, grandparents told a tale of flea and ant to their grandchildren for centuries and almost every Georgian knows it by heart.

Everybody needs a friend – a human, animals and birds, even the tiny creatures want to have faithful friends by their side. This tale tells us a story of a flea, which almost sacrifices himself to save a friend. The true friendship is a precious gift which is given only those who have kind heart and pure spirit.
The whole show is a unique experience, opening the eyes of the audience to the puppetry world and its endless possibilities. The performance is followed by Georgian music, song verses and dances.

Country : Georgia

Director: Dimitri Khvtisiashvili

Performance Information

Date: February 18 (Sun)   Time: 10:00 / 13:00
Place: Nagoya Artpia Hall

Date: February 22 (Thu)   Time: 18:30
Place: Place: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center – Rehearsal Room

Date: February 23 (Fri)   Time: 19:15
Place: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center – Rehearsal Room

Duration: 42min   Age: 3+

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