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Many years ago, he sent his child to the first day of kindergarten; he let him go at the door. The child cried his lungs out; he turned away firmly with tears down his chest. Today, his son and daughter-in-law held his hands as they arrive first day at the elderly’s home. He looked at them; they turned away firmly with a sigh of relief. Inside, there lives a bunch of old fellows, a bunch of strange but lovely fellows -They’d watch the same old boring TV, eat the same old tasteless food, lie on the same old worn out bed - everyday they’d recollect their wild old days. He is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, he felt uncertain and confused about everything around him. Yet, this marked the start of his new life in this new home, an extraordinary life of a second youth.

Devise, Director & Stage Designer: Ata Wong Chun Tat

Performance Information

Date: February 18 (Sun)    Time: 15:00
Place: Toyooka Shimin Plaza hall

Date: February 24 (Sat)    Time: 16:00 / 19:00
Place: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center – Small Hall

Duration: 60min    Age: 6+

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