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An Award-winning puppetry play without words, that tells the story of mankind, nature and greed. “When All Was Green” connects numerous roots between ecology and co-existence. It was performed in front of children from different cultures, different nationalities and different religions and they all responded the same. Without words, through ecological representation, the audience realizes the immense damage we are causing to each other by our own hands, by our own deeds, by ourselves. They watch the tree being cut off, the delicate balance between mankind and nature being broken and they realize that it’s equivalent to the balance between friends, countries, and sectors in society. Because it is a play without words it allows every spectator to tell himself his own story, what’s close to his heart.

Dramaturgy and Plot Development: Dikla Katz and Avi Zlicha

Direction, Design and Manipulation: Avi Zlicha & Dikla Katz

Puppets and set construction: Marbe Yadaim Studio

Original Music: Johnny Tal

Lighting Design: Ziv Voloshin

Technician: Liad Malone


Performance Information

Date: February 17 (Sat)    Time: 12:35 / 16:00
Place: Kagoshima Kenmin Koryu Center Rehearsal Room

Date: February 19 (Mon)    Time: 16:00 / 19:00
Place: Puppet Theatre Puk (2-12-3 Yoyogi Shibuya-ku Tokyo)

Date: February 25 (Sun)    Time: 11:00 / 13:00
Place: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center – Small Practice Room 38

Duration: 45min    Age: 5+

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