2020 in tokyo

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Dancing in/with White Books
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With live classic music, a multi-sensory performance staying close give a beautiful experience. Even though the child who are on stretcher or buggy, or who cannot stay still, without worrying about others, any child can appreciate a performance with his/her family – 6 families for a performance only).
Theme is a fancy ball in/with white books. Using lighting, moving image, and ballet technique, a gentle, dreamy and nostalgic performance will be presented. From the time of opening, prior to the main performance, a short pre-performance designed for children who require accustoming to the space and people.

There are no words, but words to hear in your heart.
In the forest, there is one small house and one gentleman.
There were two females, Haru and Aki, moving into the small house.
In spring, they have always been good friend and lived together there.
They cuddle and sometimes push away, but being considerate with others.
However, the two gradually began to grow apart through passing days…
Realizing the warmth and loneliness whenever one leaves.
What’s the distance of Hearts and Bodies?
Your one and One’s you are there.
Through this play with Nonverbal and Projection Mapping, You will feel Laugh, Warmth and Touched in your heart.

Duration : 55 min.
Age : 1~18
The number of audience : 10

January 20th, Sun 11:00/15:00

M-Lesson Room 42