2020 in tokyo

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Naninuno-ya’s kamishibai


Kami-shibai is a form of Japanese street theater and storytelling with a set of illustrated cardboard pieces. “Kami” means paper and “shibai” means play, in Japanese. Naninuno-ya’s kamishibai is all made of fabric. It can be called nuno-shibai, or “fabric play”.
Naninuno-ya started nuno-shibai in order to produce an exciting story time and space, similar to what kamishibai used to offer. It involves a range of audience members, from young children and their parents to even strangers passing by in the park or in the local festival. Nuno-shibai is portable so that it can be performed anywhere.
You will find nuno-shibai is not a quiet storytelling with flat fabric screens, but a dynamic one using the fabric in various ways. You can also feel the texture of the fabric. Please enjoy the nuno-shibai with your eyes, ears and hands!

Duration : 45min.
Age : All

January 18th, Fri 16:00/18:00
January 19th, Sat 13:00/17:30

Small Hall Lobby