2020 in tokyo

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Grego Musical Puppets


This is a page from a picture book, a dream forest. Time flows at a calm, leisurely pace, uncluttered by dialogue and storylines. Relaxing, but stimulating expression is found in image, movement, and live sounds and music. Audience members can feed the caterpillar, and beckon the butterfly, in spontaneous play. Look, it sits on your hand! Touch, feel, smell, hear. The delight of shared experience gently enfolds willing hearts. The brief chance to enjoy a spectacle from the warm seat of Mama’s lap, this fleeting sweetness, is the miracle of now, that will live forever, quietly, within. Busy mothers can relax to the healing sounds of a mediaeval harp. Hand bells, and other instruments, decorate the soundscape. We invite you to let go of daily cares, and open up to enchantment.
After the show we provide sound-toys, and welcome everyone to play freely within the dream forest.. The instruments, puppets, and actors are here for you. Make a sound, touch a hand, hug a puppet, share a smile.

Grego, Emika Harada

Duration : 50min.
Age : 0~2
The number of audience : 40

January 16th,Wed 12:30
January 17th,Thu 11:00

2nd Gymnasium