2020 in tokyo

Language Switcher

○△□ Circle, Triangle, and Square


The sound created by Drum is a magical language.
This is a nonverbal African art performance show targeted for babies at zero to three years old and their parents.
The entire live sound created by various kinds of instruments, which are all made of natural materials such as animal skins and trees, invites you into the world of African beat. You might feel something nostalgic from the beat and sound in spite of your first hearing. Please enjoy the experience of the subtle African art performance show.

Launched in 2006.
We are an entertainment performance group based on traditional West African performing arts such as Djembe playing and African dance.
There are 18 members living in and out of Japan in the group. We widely perform and emerge ourselves in many sites in our base city of Fukuoka in Japan, Taiwan, and China; performing at an event site, a school, in an international exchange program. A team for Baby Drama was build in 2011 and have been working on creating an art performance show for babies since then.

Duration : 45min.
Age : All
The number of audience : 120

January 19th,Sat 11:00/14:00

M-Lesson Room 42