2020 in tokyo

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Small House
company ma × WAWACINEMA


There are no words, but words to hear in your heart.
In the forest, there is one small house. Two females, Haru and Aki, are living there. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. They cuddle and sometimes push away. They are considerate with each other. Realizing how warmth and love they are given whenever one leaves. You feel full warmth and touch from the story.
Both Children and Adults will enjoy this collaborated with Non Verbal and Projection Mapping play.

Written, Direct, Composition: Ryo Harada(company ma)
Video direction: WAWACINEMA
Music: Ryosuke Nakano (Seinen-za)
Light: Yuichi Tachibana
Sound: Yuu Katsuyama
Production: company ma・WAWACINEMA
Gentleman: Ryo Harada
Haru: Eriko Otani (company ma)
Aki: Yoko Moriyama (company ma)

Duration : 50 min.
Age : 5+
The number of audience : 70~100

January 19th, Sat 16:00/18:30

M-Lesson Room 43