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What Goes Up / South Africa

‘What Goes UP…’ is a playful, gentle and explorative production. Through the art of gentle clowning and experiential children’s theatre, the show investigates the physical and emotional scopes of all things Up and Down. Created for Deaf Children, and using Japanese Sign Language, the play is also accessible and magical to hearing children.

Directed By: Jayne Batzofin
Mentored by: Jori Snell
Performers: Iman Isaacs and Jayne Batzofin
Costume Design: Jori Snell
Set design: Jayne Batzofin

Duration : 40 min.
Age : 3+
The number of audience : 40

January 19th, Sat 15:00/18:00
January 20th, Sun 11:00/15:00

Rehearsal Room

2018-10-31Jan 19, Jan 20, WorldRehearsal Room